Your Future - Our Passion

Your Future - Our Passion

Your Future - Our PassionYour Future - Our PassionYour Future - Our Passion

To pre-register for our April 2020 Seminar

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Emigrate to the USA. For a LOT less than $500,000 !

If you have $150,000 or more to invest in a business then this seminar is for you.

Don't have $500,000 for an EB5 (and soon $900,000 !) OR

 if you would prefer not to invest $500,000? 

Then you need to attend this seminar.

If you have $150,000 or more to invest in a USA business, that you will own and potentially manage, then this seminar is for you. 

Unlike many other visa's, Business Immigration to the USA has NO cap on numbers, allows you to potentially fast track to a Green Card, as well as giving you discretion over the type and  location of your investment.

3 seminars in Sandton and Cape Town during April 2020 (dates and venues to be announced)

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Click on the image to register for the April 2020 seminar.

Click on the image to register for the April 2020 seminar.




Fast Track to USA will contact you, email or phone to discuss your goals for immigration and starting your new business in the USA. This first step is crucial and usually takes place over a few days. This helps us in our research to select visa types and concepts that would be best suited for you. Making use of the latest Behavioral Science Technology further enhances the selection process.



 Fast Track to USA will use the information you provide to search hundreds of franchise concepts and request input from immigration lawyers. This research refines immigration and investment options. Carefully selected franchise opportunities and appropriate immigration lawyers are presented to you. Profitability and reliability of both franchise options and qualifying attorneys are highly scrutinized.The demographics and profitability estimate of the area you are considering for your franchise is evaluated in detail. Funding options and solutions are researched. Our mandate is to provide you with a BEST-FIT franchise opportunity that synergizes with your lifestyle and mindset whilst managing risk.  



 Once the plan of action has been refined we then move forward with the selected franchise concepts and engage the attorney to start with preparation of your visa. Fast Track to USA will put you in contact with many of the people needed to make your move and assimilation as smooth as possible. We help with the opening of a bank account, how to find and select a home, schools, building up your credit record, health plans, accountants and the myriad of things that need to be done as a new immigrant to the USA. We will be at your side and offer guidance, input and support as you start a new and exciting chapter of your life.

Life as it can be, Life as it should be.



What are the advantages of using a Fast Track to USA consultant?  

We are business and immigration professionals who attend regular training and are exposed to current franchisors, the latest data and tools, legal advice and trends that are impacting the business and immigration world today. As South Africans we understand the unique dynamics and challenges faced by South Africans wanting to immigrate to the USA. We understand!

What will Fast Track to USA do for me?

Using the expert knowledge of a Fast Track to USA consultant will help you make informed decisions about the various immigration and franchise concepts in the market today. Not all franchise or immigration opportunities are right for everyone and a Fast Track to USA Consultant is trained AND experienced to identify and help you select those that are right for you based on your interests, strengths, background, capabilities and long-term goals.


Nothing! Even your engagement fee, paid when engaging our services, is fully rebated at the time you decide to move forward with your plan. There is never any cost to you for the services provided by us. You will always pay the same published price for a franchise even if you do all the work yourself. Any additional outsourced fee-based services will always require your pre-approval.

What type of franchises does Fast Track to USA represent?

We represent hundreds of top franchises in dozens of categories ranging from small to large investment, nationally known brands as well as start-ups, and businesses that can be run passively or part time in any type of industry.

Who should work with a Fast Track to USA Consultant?

Anyone interested in immigrating to the USA and owning their own business or a person who merely wants to diversify their local SA investment portfolio. If you are retired and are looking to boost your income with a regular US Dollar income or even want to help your children’s financial future along, a USA franchise could be an ideal option.  


Discover the Business You Were Made to Run


Discover the Franchise or Business You Were Made to Run by Taking This Science-Based Quiz

The franchise business profile quiz only takes 5-10 minutes to complete and will reveal what type of business owner you are and what type of franchise you’re best suited to own and operate. 

Instead of guessing about the franchises we think would be a good fit for you (based on who we are as business owners), Fast Track to USA will use the results of this quiz to find franchises that will most likely be a good fit for you (based on who you are as a business owner).

So what are you waiting for?

Take this quiz and get your business profile today by clicking the “Get Started” button. 

Why Create a “Business Profile” Just to Find a Good Franchise investment,  You might think taking this quiz is a waste of time. 

After all, you could just look at a list of the “hottest franchises” and choose the one that will make the most money, or the one you were told is the “perfect” investment, or the one you feel is right for you.

What’s wrong with that?


The franchise doesn’t dictate your dictate the success of the franchise.

You could invest in the “best” franchise, in the “best” industry, and open it in the “best” area and STILL fail. 


Because “best” doesn’t mean it’s right for you. 

The difference between a successful franchise owner and a failure is the successful one opened a franchise that matched their values and character traits as a business owner.

If you don’t know what business you’re best suited to run, you’ll set yourself up for failure. 

Why not set yourself up for success instead?

It’s worth mentioning this quiz is NOT a personality test. 

It’s a scientifically-tested questionnaire developed using patent-pending methodologies designed to create an accurate picture of who you are as a business owner. 

By taking this quiz you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain from your results. 

If you want to dramatically increase the chances of finding a profitable franchise that you can successfully operate and grow, then take this quiz and build your business profile today. 

Start finding the franchises or business you are meant to own by clicking 

“Get Started ” below.


Take the Quiz , click on the Get Started Button below.

American Passport

Knowledge is Power

Within a few minutes of completing the quiz, you will have a full report in your email in-box. The report will assist in your decision making as well as give you useful insight into the type of business you would be most effective at running or owning.

This Quiz is all about you, for you.

In order to make the best possible decisions, you need as much information as possible. This is one of the important pieces.


You have nothing to lose, other than a few minutes to take the quiz. 

Within 10 minutes you will have a full report in your inbox.

About Us

Clifford Morris

 You may be pleased to hear that I am a South African, 

now US citizen. I relate to the SA dynamics.

I emigrated in 2006 and have for all that period been working with immigrants from all corners of the world, wanting to invest and live in the USA. For obvious reasons the activity from South Africa is significantly increasing of late.

I bring over 40 years of business experience to the table, as well as my personal journey to the USA with its own trials and tribulations. This allows me to be of significant value in the immigration and investment process for my fellow 

South Africans.

Not only did I personally emigrate, I brought 2 of my adult children over to the USA and my youngest son under 21 at the time. Despite the pain and frustration, all my children are flourishing, and I have my 2 granddaughters living around the corner from me. (Palm Beach Gardens Florida)

Earning US dollars allows us to visit SA regularly, although there is a lot to see and do in the USA as well.

Typically, the first few emails between us will be Fact Finding, allowing me to provide relevant and targeted information. I willingly share with you, firstly to assist you in your decisions making process and secondly to secure your confidence and hopefully your business.

My USA lessons and schooling have cost me money and pain, you are welcome to make your own mistakes, however by working with me there is no need for you to repeat 

the ones I have made.

My experience shows that one of the biggest challenges in the process is what I call making “THE decision”. 

By experience and observation, the best strategy is 

to never take “THE Decision”. 

Rather allow the process to unfold in a series of small and manageable decisions, in the future you will look over your shoulder and realize you have crossed the bridge, while never actually looking into the chasm of fear and doubt below the bridge.

Without exception my advice and guidance will save you 

tens of thousands of Dollars. There is absolutely no question about this point! I will personally be dealing with your questions, since this requires my insight and is not something I can delegate to my USA staff. 

This approach could mean a slight delay in my responses, however every email will receive a one on one reply as soon as is possible.


Clifford  Morris  

President and Founder


Sunrise over Juno Pier, Florida

Amenities and public facilities are plentiful and well maintained.  

Sit on the beach at 11pm with a bottle of wine and 

watch the moon rise, or join in a drum circle or watch the turtle hatchlings running to the ocean,

Life is good. 

Testimonials. All the original Testimonials are on file.


Dear Cliff


I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you and your team have done an excellent job for us.

Your honesty and open style combined with your kindness and generosity has made this a happy and exciting process.

In a number of areas your experience and deep knowledge of the system has saved us much time and money.

We really appreciate what you have done for us and will certainly recommend you and your team going forward.

Kind regards


A few of the many comments and compliments

" He is brutally honest, Cliff knows his stuff!"  (P.F)

" His passion and energy is contagious"  (A.G)

" I thought you were like most business people who only care about themselves. I was very wrong and you are a pleasant surprise"  (A.Z)

" This move would not have been possible without your valuable input and guidance"  (L.C)

Testimonials, continued;

" He is the real Deal ! "

We met Clifford in October 2018 when he was out in South Africa, we completed his online questionnaire where after we met with him in person. 

Wow what a man, he is straight to the point and does not sugar-coat anything. He is NOT your typical “come and see me, pay me and then I will see what I can do for you” kind of guy.

He is really passionate about what he does and really has lots of pride in his business, but this does not go without saying that you also need to do your part. If you think you can sit back and relax while everything gets done for you, well think again.

In my case we did not have millions of Rands just lying around, but with the help from Clifford and listening and taking his advice in everything he said he has been a great help and I can honestly say that without his help and assistance we will not be where we are today. 

One thing is a must, whether you have been in the US before, another trip to the US and to spend some time with Clifford is a definite must. My wife and I experienced and accomplished so much when we went on our trip.

In my own words, Clifford is "the real deal", he is willing to help and put in the time and effort just as much as you, in fact he puts in even more than you will ever know, but if you are hesitating to move or just thinking about it – don’t waste his time.

I trust Clifford, his kindness and his willingness to help other people succeed is absolutely mind blowing.

Out of my own experience, once you are committed Clifford is willing to move heaven and earth for you. 

All my family and I can say is THANK YOU Clifford, we are forever grateful to you for all your help and assistance, you have become a lifelong friend.


The Fouche’s

 " USA here we come"

My wife and I made the hard decision to immigrate to the U.S, with little to no information we attended Clifford’s roadshow and left with a better understanding of how to go about getting there. Clifford gave it to us straight and not once have we been left with loose ends or surprises. 

Our paperwork has been submitted and the waiting game begins.   

U.S.A Here we Come 


" Clifford's business knowledge is phenomenal "

Clifford has a network second to none, which he freely shares with you. I have no doubt that his guidance and input has saved me a significant amount of money, and time!  Clifford's business knowledge is phenomenal especially in the context of the USA.

Like any new country, the USA has many traps and pitfalls,  Clifford alerted us to many of them and guided our decision making in the right direction. 

If you are looking at the USA for emigration,  I have no hesitation in recommending Clifford.


Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Better yet, Plan an LSD trip to the USA, LOOK-SEE-DECIDE

Experience has proven that a trip to the USA is invaluable. This gives you the opportunity to set up some of the infrastructure you will need such as bank accounts and also to explore a few areas that could be of interest to you for setting up home and business. Without exception every person who has taken the LSD trip states that the time, effort and expense was well worth it.

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